Nick D.

drake6 Age: 33
Riding Since: 1990
Home Mountain: Hawkins Mountain
Boards: 2013 163 Monument Momento Mori,
2014 163 Monument Momento Mori,
165 Lib Tech Mullet CHAIR 2 SPLIT,

What inspired you to start snowboarding?
I started skateboarding in 1990 because I wanted to do methods like Christian Hosoi. There were no vert ramps near me. So I started snowboarding and learned methods……

drake2How many consecutive months have you snowboarded now?
49 months as of December 2013. November 09 was the start of my turns all year quest.

Why do you snowboard every month?
It’s a great way to stay in shape, you never get jello legs early season, and you’re never rusty. If you can ride icy dirty suncups you can ride anything.

What is your favorite place to ride?
Haines, AK

drake4Who are your favorite riders/biggest inspiration and why?
Craig Kelly, first career minded pro to drop contests to pursue freeriding and drop the contest scene. He helped define snowboarding as we know it.
-Noah Salasnek, killed skating, killed technical freestyle, killed big mountains. TB5 superspines redefined what I thought was possible on a snowboard.

Xavier. Ungodly fast and incredibly smooth on the ballsiest technical lines.

Gigi, Nico, Landvik, Blauvelt, Nyvelt…..just stoke you to go ride!




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