Brendon P.

Brendon4Age: 32
Home Mountain: Alpental
Boards: 161 Monument Momento Mori, 161 Monument Momento Mori DIY Split, 157 Monument 777

Who are you and where do you ride?
Well my name is Brendon, and I reside and slide snow in the Central and North Cascades.

What got you into snowboarding, and how long ago was that?
I started skiing super young, my dad used to take my brother and I up to Ski Acres (now Summit Central at Snoqualmie Pass) a night or two days a week when we were really young. That basically lit the fire for both of us, and I have been on the snow, every winter since. As far as how long ago that was, we were probably around 10 I would guess…so about 22 years ago..

Brendon3When did you discover the magic that is splitboarding?
I actually discovered it several years ago, but last season (‘10/’11) was the first year I actually got to splitboard. I knew as soon as I found that I had found my new thing. It took my about 2 years after I found the site to muster up the courage to actually cut a board in half. The first time I was able to get out, I knew it was for me!



It seems like everyone is getting into splitboarding, do you think this is the newest trend or something that will be around a while?
Honestly, its not really a “new” thing at all though, it has been around for ever, I just think that more and more popular athletes are getting into it, and that exposure has trickled down to more and more people trying it out. I don’t think it will really expire to the people who really get into it. I like that its one of those things that not just anyone can go do, you really have to make a pretty big financial investment to even go out safely. Its not just the money thing either, you really have to invest time and energy into learning the safe travel methods and avalanche training so you don’t go out and get buried. So basically I don’t think its really going anywhere, it may drop out of the spot light, but I doubt that will have any effect on the people who spend a lot of days on their splits each season.

Brendon2Besides the on splits, how else do you spend your winter months?
Snowmobiling. I also was able to pick up a sled last winter and that also has opened up a whole new area of riding. Not only that, but they are a damn fun time in their own right. I grew up riding dirt bikes, and it basically combines that sensation with snow, can’t get much better than that right!? I have been lucky enough to have a “real” job that allows me to take winters off, I don’t know how long that will last but I’m going to enjoy it as much as I can while it does.



Brendon5What have you got planned for the ‘11/’12 season?
I have a few new zones that are on the hit list for this year. I try no to plan out my year too much so that I can go where the snow is good. My amazing gf and I are working on getting a truck and a camper so that we are able to do a lot more traveling to find the fresh. We did a lot of exploring and learning last year, and all I can hope for is the opportunity to do the same, and re-explore some of the areas we found last season.